Third Corona wave inevitable may strike in next 6-8 weeks predicts AIIMS Chief ,Dr. Randeep Guleria

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Chief Dr Randeep Guleria has predicted that the third wave of COVID-19 is “inevitable” in India and may even hit the country within the next six to eight weeks, reported NDTV.

Speaking to NDTV, Dr Guleria said that as various parts of the country begin unlocking and relaxing restrictions, a lack of COVID-appropriate behaviour has been observed.

We don’t seem to have learnt from what happened between the first and the second wave. Again crowds are building up… people are gathering. It will take some time for the number of cases to start rising at the national level. But it could happen within the next six to eight weeks… may be a little longer.” AIIMS Chief Dr Randeep Guleria